How Websites are Benefitted from HTML to Drupal Conversion?

Drupal happens to be an open source system dealing with the management of content which is available to use for free. There are loads of high profile web pages nowadays that make use of the process of conversion of HTML to Drupal. Even though Drupal is a CMS rich in features, there are some particular features in the Drupal format that you cannot ignore easily; they are good enough to make you want to change your format from HTML to Drupal.

Overall Process of Design

The Drupal format boasts of in-built themes and layers in design. Therefore, the conversion from HTML to Drupal theme permits designers as well as developers to form web portals that boast of improved visual appearance and are more than capable of drawing the attention of users and improving traffic. You may choose to make use of pre-existing Drupal themes in order to design your web page or you may try to customize your very own theme according to your needs.

Drupal happens to be quite simple to use due to its in-built functionalities and features. With the help of HTML to Drupal conversion you are able to easily add or remove existing content, videos and images, even if you do not possess past knowledge related to HTML coding. Drupal boasts of integrated modules that permit the automatic publishing of content.

ConvertThe strong admin panel in Drupal allows you to enable permission for various users and allocate them to different roles. The features involving account creation and user management may also prove very useful to you. They permit you to restrict the access of users to the web page. You can choose what the user can upload and view. With the help of new Drupal 7, the administration of websites has become much more easier than before.

Stay updated on social connectivity

When you convert from HTML to Drupal theme, you are easily allowed to connect with other web pages on the internet through themes and aggregation. The process of interaction with media from outside is also really easy. The modules of social media in Drupal help you to integrate with all of the important social media platforms in order to gain a large audience base.

You need to know that Drupal is a platform where several users can log in simultaneously. Users are able to log in either as authenticated registered users making use of their password or username or they can choose to browse as anonymous users. The administration also has the option of managing permission levels for every user. This way you are able decide for yourself which user can gain access to which part of the website.

Make sure to keep records and register yourself correctly

One of the highlights of Drupal is the feature of user-registration. You gain the facility of forwarding mail to all of the registered users of the website. This makes it much easier for you to manage a team through your web page. The collaborative book facility of Drupal gives you the ability to form a book and maintain records in it in proper order.

Conversion of HTML Platform to Drupal

html to drupalThe process of converting the high quality design ideas from HTML format-based files into unique and fully functional Drupal themes is no cakewalk. A prior knowledge of these mark-up languages is necessary.

Method of Conversion from HTML to Drupal

Your first task is to open HTML and select the Slice tool from the main toolbar to begin slicing a certain HTML format-based image file into multiple layers. After you are done slicing the HTML, make your way to the IMAGE menu and choose the mode, the ideal color space (either CMYK or RGB). Then you need to select all of the sliced images and click on the Save option. The images should be placed inside the same folder as the theme files.

The process of conversion from HTML to Drupal begins when you start a new page in order to hand-code HTML to CSS/HTML/XHTML mark-up languages. Once the coding is done, you should save the page by the name of ‘home.html’.

Follow this step by opening up and saving a new page as ‘style.css’ to incorporate CSS stylesheet into the structure of the page. It should be added prior to the tag. HTML can be converted into highly functional Drupal themes if you download and then install the Drupal themes of your choice. Next, a new folder needs to be created in order to save the theme files.  You should open the theme folder and then access a file by the name of page.tpl.php and place it just before. The necessary changes are then saved as a new file named page.tpl.php. You are then required to copy all the changes to style.css within a new theme directory.

The page.tpl.php body content will remain the same as the HTML file. You should replace the sections of page.tpl.php to include content which is dynamic. A page is created by the name of template.php. The function Yourtheme_regions() is renamed by you as the name of theme. The conversion of HTML to Drupal theme is now completed.

Following the completion of conversion, you need to move on to content customization. Individuals are easily able to customize the dynamic content via web interface which is very simple to use. An open source Drupal theme is capable of supporting many content types like text, blog, polls, video. One of the highlights is that you are capable of altering the Drupal default theme directly from the admin panel by just installing Drupal Content Management System. It is best if you hire a professional Drupal developer with thorough knowledge of the platform to convert HTML to Drupal theme.

Take Note of the Great Conversion Benefits

HTML to Drupal conversion allows websites to gain the best features. The process is not easy but the end results are worth the time and money you spend. Drupal, an open source system for content management, provides you with a cheap substitute to enhance the performance of web pages. The platform is compatible with most of the important operating systems. Drupal websites are extremely customizable and are designed keeping in mind the current trends in the online world. You can manage Drupal files more efficiently. During the conversion process, the colors, navigational features and fonts are well-defined to improve the performance and appearance of your web pages.

Integration of Themes from HTML to Drupal

The number of websites which keeps on increasing by leaps and bounds on a regular basis can also be considered as a result of the vast amount of technology being presented. All these advanced technologies have made it much easier for the websites to develop. The conversion from HTML to Drupal template and theme integration happens to be a useful yet popular method of developing your web page.

How Drupal affects Market Dynamics?

As soon as it had been introduced in the market, Drupal began to gain much preference over many other ways involved in the development of websites. Drupal happens to be a software in which you will be able to easily organize, manage and publish a large variety of content on your web page. With loads of convenient features, Drupal has slowly gained the reputation as a popular choice for thousands of organizations and people who desire to empower their web portal with many number of features. Drupal is basically a system for the purpose of content management based on PHP which happens to be extremely compatible for various operating systems such as Mac OS Mac X, Windows and Linux.

The process of conversion from HTML to Drupal template and theme integration offers a visually attractive, not to mention, well-designed web page. It happens to increase the level of performance of a website by a large extent. A web page which is powered by Drupal format boasts of several unparalleled features including modular framework, graphical user interface, menu management, page layout, RSS feeds, management of menu, user account registration, system administration, among others. The integration of this temple along with the Drupal templates and theme provides you with tons of features such as standard compliance regulations.

Why is Drupal Preferred over HTML?

The templates from Drupal offers designers the ability to form extremely usable, interactive experiences that manage to hold the attention of users, thereby increasing the amount of traffic. The conversion from HTML to Drupal offers a number of flexible features that are made use of by designers in order to come up with a website suited to your exact specifications. It provides you with various options such as accounts for new users along with user permissions. It is possible to assign one or more roles to users.

There is little doubt regarding the fact that Drupal template and theme integration provide you with thousands of benefits. By choosing Drupal, you are able to impart the best look to your website. But it is necessary to avail the services of a professional Drupal developer in order to do so since the conversion from HTML to XHTML or Drupal demands correct knowledge and skills. Hiring an expert will guarantee you a fully functional web page.